Amigo Agua

I don’t feel small by the ocean

It’s vastness doesn’t consume me

Like time and worry do

Rolling quietly beneath me

I can start to mend

The worry, and the water

One a memory, one a friend

Gold Miner

Joy is my secret and my power

Big smiles

Yellow auras

Easy laughs

Traits relegated to the naive

Happiness seen as cheap

Gold counted strictly a commodity

A relic of status in society

There are stashes the greedy can’t find

I am vastly wealthy

From these hunts


When Your Shoes are Trying to Kill You

The dastardly shoes mentioned in this story. DO NOT BE DAZZLED BY THE SPARKLE!

The point that makes or breaks a couple is always the point after the honeymoon phase. Ah, the end of the chemical romance and the beginning of real love. The legends with double digit anniversaries are the ones who let the spark…

Footwear worn in terrifying escapades discussed below

Some have nightmares of monsters, or killers, or war. My nightmares are of crows feet or creaking knees or silence. The ticking of time going by reminds me the glow of youth is slowly fading, the energy of today slipping away. How long do I have until no one says…

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You were my best imagination. I loved when my thoughts wandered back to you, and I’d walk home to the safe place our story lived in my daydreams. A place with no address, an invisible home tucked away along a lake that happened to be perpetually clean, but perfectly homey…

Whooosh, whoosh, whooosh, whooosh


Left pedal, right pedal, left pedal, right pedal

My body moves in tune to its made-up-riding-a-bike-song, a three-quarter measure staccato piece, made up by my feet, harmonized by the creaky left wheel in key of G, and accented by the occasional bravado huff of an…

Page Michele

A CPA by day, creative by night. Champion finder of the silver lining, my writings are musings that you must decide if it’s just musings or memories.

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